Monday, 14 November 2011

Accountant or Actuary?

How do you decide between a career as an accountant and or a career as an actuary? If you've advice to give on making that decision or want some help to make a change in your financial management career, try The Actuary Magazine's career clinic section.
A current topic sees students, graduates and experienced professional discussing those particular career choices. Which are the skills and qualifications that separate the two careers or which are the ones that complement both?
One comment on the careers clinic forum explains the advantage of being qualified in both accountancy and actuarial science:"It's a tough job market. The two professional skills could be an advantage if working with consultancies such as the big four where you could bring in additional value to teams - and also cross-over your skills."
Whether you're already have ACCA qualifications or you're starting with mathematical and analytical skills from a less traditional background, The Actuary's online audience may be able to help.

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